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Black Lives Matter Exposed?

With all the recent backlash BLM UK have been receiving after pulling out off the London protest on Saturday 13th June, people are beginning to question the motives of the faceless organisation especially after being requested to show who is behind the name so people would hopefully be able to identify how all the donations collected would be put to use for the betterment of the black collective.

UKBLM Go Fund Me 18/06/20

It may seem that this follows the path of their counterparts from across the pond. As on numerous occasions The USBLM have been called into question for not having the black communities best interests at heart, the facts stated in the video below would lead us to believe there may be an agenda that is being pushed by USBLM.

Download MP4 • 60.59MB

So should we continue to support said organisations or should those of us who wish to be the change we want to see, band together and create a new organisation with transparent accessible leadership and clear manifesto for those who would wish to be on board? Let me know your thoughts below.

The fight continues.

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