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Brixton V Bournemouth (What's The Difference?)

People's frustration with the countries current lockdown status and lack of transparency from government leadership has left many feeling vexed and confused as whether or not we are officially still locked down, due to many non-essential businesses being able to slowly reopen.

But with the majority of the summers large events being cancelled, people still wish to enjoy the weather and make the most out of the warmer months. This has led to increased numbers not adhering to social distancing measures and attending packed beaches and block parties.

Although it seems as though both offences have been handled very differently as the Brixton block party was described by Scotland Yard as having a "hostile" crowd in attendance, as when they tried to break up the revelers, they were met with resistance and it has been reported that twenty two officers were injured leading to four people being arrested for assault and public order offences.

Block Party Aftermath

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In Bournemouth thousands of sun seekers packed themselves into the beach, which unlike the aforementioned incident didn't see police rushing in to disperse the crowds, despite three men in their 20s being stabbed near the pier, and no arrests being made. It seems residents are more concerned with their sandy shore becoming litter ridden as a petition to lock down the beach has gained over 390 signatures thus far.

Bournemouth Beach

So what message is being sent out to the people, is it that arrests will only be made when officers are on the receiving end of an assault? Or only those in inner city areas will be punished for breaking social distancing rules? Also can the clashes in Brixton be linked to the numerous past and present issues of brutality against the malenaited majority, handed out by those whose who are supposed to be here for our protection?

But let me know your thoughts below

The fight continues

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