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Fake It Till You Make It??

Are we slowly being consumed with the drip? Since the Americans have run with the concept, it's seems as if on this side of the pond as per usually people have gravitated towards what the US has deemed to be in fashion.

But now maybe due to the pandemic many business' and retailers have had to adapt the way they conduct themselves without alienating their clientele, which has led many to implement a rental service, as in the case of Selfridges which will allow lovers of designer to borrow specific items for significantly less then purchasing it would cost them, but is there a down side to this method? As many will now feel the need to keep up the Jones' so to speak as like many other luxury items designer garments are usually seasonal. Meaning you can't be caught wearing an outfit twice.

Designer Shopping Spree

So if your a person wishing to step into this world it would previously require you to have a healthy amount of disposable income. But thanks to the store with the yellow bags this may be a thing of the past, but to take things up a notch if you still wish to own the items at the end of the day then using Klarna or Clear pay might be more up you alley as they allow you to make monthly payments with no interest until you have paid off the total amount for said item without reflecting on or damaging your credit score as they pay the retailer for the item up front and then they usually make their profit off the back of late fees etc.

Klarna & Selfridges

But is this all just another case of faking it until your making it? Due to social media platforms and people measuring their self worth based on how many likes comments and followers they have, as well as not feeling good enough with that jacket, dress, shoes or bag. When in the grand scheme of things it is one of the most trivial and unimportant things to waste time freighting over as they say ever day your breathing is a blessing, but many of us have been brainwashed into buying idea that 'If I don't have so and so my life is rubbish', which means one you step onto the carousel it can be almost impossible to step back off as there is always going to be something new that you 'need'. But let me know your thoughts below.

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