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Is Lab Grown The Future?

Lab-grown chicken will soon be available for sale in the United States. This innovative approach to meat production involves growing chicken cells in a lab, rather than raising and slaughtering live animals. The process is more sustainable and ethical, as it requires fewer resources and does not involve animal cruelty.

"Meat" From Just The lab-grown chicken will be sold by a startup company called Just, which has already received regulatory approval from the US government. The company plans to initially sell its product in restaurants, with grocery store sales to follow in the near future. The lab-grown chicken is expected to be priced competitively with conventionally raised chicken. The introduction of lab-grown chicken to the US market represents a significant step forward in sustainable and ethical meat production. As consumers become increasingly concerned about the environmental impact of meat production and the treatment of animals, lab-grown meat offers a promising alternative. With regulatory approval and commercial availability, the future looks bright for this innovative approach to food production.

"Meat" in production So the public will have to decide for themselves will it be a lab grown or vegan future?

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