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Is The UK Mocking It??

Has the UK made a mockery of the Black Lives Matter Movement? As in a just a few short months there has been a dynamic shift from those who are against racial brutality, loudly and proudly voicing their distain for the current regime and it effects on certain ethnic minorities.

To it almost overnight being discarded, whether due to mainstream media portraying peaceful protesters as the some of the biggest villains in modern day history, or whether people complaining about BLM positive programming appearing on the television but finding no issues when racial slurs are used by Caucasian presenters (BBC) on numerous occasions, with poor reasoning and eventual lack luster apologies.

But still a large number remain with the belief that the UK is not racist, when the Cambridge dictionary defines racism as "policies, behaviours, rules, etc. that result in a continued unfair advantage to some people and unfair or harmful treatment of others based on race" so based on the same definition used by the UK they are definitely guilty of hypocrisy as there are many systematic hurdles that seem only to be in place for members of what they have deemed as the B.A.M.E communities.

The latest debacle to come from the powers that be is the painting of 4 out of whopping 115,000 post boxes black in celebration of Black History Month, honestly whoever is coming up with these initiatives must be totally unaware of what actually resonates with the people, because it's highly doubtful when Black people wish to celebrate their rich and diverse history there first thought is, 'I wish that postbox was Black'. It's funny how things play out as The Express Truth warned the people about being bamboozled by empty gestures when all these statues were being pulled down, so when everything is said and done and the protesting slows down what do we want to look back at and say we achieved? 'Oh we took down those statues and painted some stuff black , your welcome'.

Protesters & Post Box

But when it's all said and done when you continue to bang your first against a locked door of a house that doesn't belong to you, they are under no obligation to let you in.

But let me know your thoughts below.

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