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Making America Great Again???

Donald Trump has lost the presidential election to the delight of many, but with the victory going to Joe Biden which in turn has created history as Kamala Harris is the first of Black & Asian decent as well as being the first female vice president is the history of the US.

MAGA Hat Supproter

So for many US citizens Biden is definitely a breathe of fresh air, as his predecessor was brandished as nothing short of the devil. But as well as the celebrations online there has also been many people breaking down and becoming extremely emotion with some going as far as saying the new change in regime will make the nation alot less racist, but is this assumption not a step too far? As can all systemic and national racism be traced back to the oval office? And does the president really have the influence to affect change in the hearts and minds of an entire nation?

Joe Biden & Kamala Harris

Well if the last four years are anything to go by then the answer would be no, as the USA definitely seemed like a nation divided more than ever before, with political and social differences being a main figurehead, so going into a new adminstration the people will have to wait and see if it's within Bidens power to make America great again.

But let me know your thoughts below.

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