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Race Wars: The Unavoidable Future??

With racial tension at a seemingly all time high, the big question is are we barreling towards a race war? As more & more cases of racial discrimination continue to brew it's ugly head, in the aftermath of the public execution of George Floyd and the global protests in its wake.

More and more racially fueled events of protests being hijacked by undercover caucasians committing acts of vandalism while shouting and spray painting Black Lives Matter, inorder to solidify the narrative that all those in attendance are more interested in looting and committing criminal offences, rather than peacefully having their voices heard.

'Karen' Spary Paints BLM On A Starbucks In Los Angeles

Recent protests saw Mark McCloskey and his wife point guns at those who were marching peacefully in St. Louis, and then after being called out for his actions that many would deem as totally uncesscary he would then go on to speak with CNN "I was a person scared for my life, protecting my wife, my home, my hearth, my livelihood. I was a victim of a mob that came through the gate," he would also go on to say that it is "ridiculous" to call him the face of those who oppose the Black Lives Matter Movement.

The McCloskeys Point Guns At Protesters Outside Mansion

There would also be similar incidents in Crown Point, Indiana where armed white people would stand outside their property, while staring down unarmed protesters mainly made up of college students as they took a back alley bike path to return to their vehicles.

White Residents Intimidating Protesters

With these types of occurrences becoming more and more regular, should more Kings and Queens also begin to take advantage of the second amendment and begin to bare arms? As if the war does start a deciding factor will definitely be who has the bigger arsenal.

Black Panthers In Atlanta

Download MP4 • 44.98MB

So what's the course of action? Should the people continue to have a dream? Or is it time to snatch equality by any means necessary?

But let me know your thoughts below

The Fight Continues

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