Should 50 Cent Be Cancelled?

Every week another black man says something to degrade black women. By now I think most of us are used to it. So much that when a black man uplifts black women like John Boyega it is a shock to the system. There is so much wrong with the what 50 Cent said in his interview with Lil Wayne. I know many people seen it as another joke, but the problem is it is at the at the expense of black women once again.

The narrative that black women are jealous of ‘exotic women’ is absolutely ridiculous. If anything, I think is more of an insult to the so called ‘exotic women’ because they are being objectified and seen for just their skin colour, but I digress. It is known that many black men see non-black women as a form of a prize and a trophy however if I look into my own life luckily, I see a ton of black love going on. That makes me think it’s a problem with black male celebrities and a few idiotic people who idolize them.

The main problem for me with what he said in the clip is that he promotes that black women are lesser and labels them angry. How can we expect for people outside our race not to view black women that way when black men continue to push that narrative. It is not like 50 cent is oblivious to how his comments are hurtful because I am more that positive that he has seen the backlash people like kodak black has received from making similar statements.

50 cent is a fully black man raised by black women and he still feels like it is okay to say what he said. The reason why I think white people have got it right is because it is rare you would hear a white man degrade a white women in order to uplift another race.

I don’t even believe that 50 Cent believed the things he joked about, because Chelsea Handler (his ex-girlfriend) is far from exotic. Also, the rapper dated Meagan good who is a black woman, so maybe he said it for comedic effect. Even still the joke should not be at the expense of black women. Lil Wayne looked foolish, laughing along because he should of stopped 50 cent or even edit that section out as he has black daughters himself. To make

It clear, I do not care if a black man decides to date a non-black woman because ‘love is love’ however there is absolutely no need to diss black women when doing so.

I actually think black women should stop supporting him because, if something tragic was to happen to 50 cent black women would run to his defence however I am sure he would not do the same in return. Unfortunately, I have been listening to Pop Smokes new album all week and ‘The Woo’ is going to have to be deleted off my playlist. I know people may think I am being extreme but I believe it is a necessary action to take. Let me know what you think? Is he out of line or was it a joke taken to seriously?

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