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Stormzy lookalike is the latest victim of wannabe social media comedian.

Updated: Mar 22

During lockdown I made a video where I addressed the lack of creativity from so-called social media comedians and at the time many people who viewed the video didn’t really understand what I was trying to say.

If we can learn anything in this particular area from The African Americans across the pond, it’s that the guys who try to do things for shock value never stand the test of time and the ones that go on to become the most successful are the ones who actually focus on content that is hilariously funny without the need of humiliating other individuals. Some of my Favourite African American social media comedians are guys like Haha Davis, Funny Marco and Smoovemike to name a few. I believe that the success and growth of guys like this have inspired a wave of Black British social media comedians here in the UK.

Haha Davis

Mo Gilligan in my opinion has been the most successful Black British comedian by taking his talents to new levels of success and this includes a late night talk show with channel 4, A Netflix special and numerous partnership deals. This type of success and growth is being viewed by 1000s of Black British youth who want to find a way to create success. It’s evident that the type of social media comedians that not only stand the test of time but go on to experience success in the mainstream are those that work on their craft and actually find creative ways to make their audiences laugh. In creating this type of content it’s almost impossible for mainstream personalities to ignore, we have seen Haha Davis employed by the likes of 50 cent and Lil Nas X.

Mo Gilligan

The UK however while I definitely know there is huge potential I have often felt very disappointed by the majority of content that is being created by Black British social media comedians. The character Big Shaq was heavily pushed and experienced great success in 2018 but this character in my opinion was no different from Sacha Baron Cohen’s Ali G character that focused on heavily poking fun of the street slang that was used by the majority of Black British youth at the time. The Big Shaq character made it appear that Black British youth are not only illiterate but also have learning difficulties. This was something that helped influence the bullying of many Black British youth that live in not so cultural areas of the Uk.

The mockery of Rastafarian culture 1

The mockery of Rastafarian culture 2

Another example is the trend of wannabe Black British comedians putting on Rasta lock wigs to mock the Rastafarian culture, a culture that is very important to Black British people with Jamaican decent in the Uk because not only did it help guide many youth at that time it also helped those youth to be proud of who they were at such a difficult time in Britain. The mockery of this beautiful way of life is what encouraged my decision to make a video addressing the topic.

Stormzy lookalike

I would be lying if I said I was surprised when a video was posted to social media that went viral recently showcasing the embarrassment of a young African man who heavily resembles rapper Stormzy. A wanna be comedian by the name of prince of zamundi thought it would be funny to not only record this young man in a time of hardship but to also mock him by giving him £0.05p knowing the young man was actually on the street begging for spare change. The Black British social media community reacted in a way that made me feel proud because not only did they condemn this silly person but they also tracked down this young man to give him not only words of encouragement but also lend a helping hand to him by way of money which at the time of writing this is at over £20,000. Stormzy also caught wind of the attempt to belittle the young man and was so moved he decided to reach out to him.


I believe guys like Prince of zumundi would not exist if Black British social media didn’t encourage stupidity that often is at the expense of others. If we ignore these fools from the start they will simply be forced to change their approach and we will reduce situations like this.

Prince of zamundi

The bandwagon of the statement black lives matter was something many people jumped onto with all that has been going on over the last few months and social media personalities were at the forefront of the hype. The Express Truth questioned the validity of their actions as many of these individuals are usually quiet when it’s time stand. Prince of zumundi was present at a peaceful protest so he could post pictures appearing to be provoking change but being at a protest is different from how you actually treat people in real life. He made a poor decision to film a young man who was struggling and at a very low point. When we see things like this we must continue to call it out. Money and Fame should not be given to individuals who purposely aim to make fun and belittle others. Those that are willing to do whatever it takes on social media to get noticed have to be ignored because not only are they willing to do whatever it takes to be seen and heard but they’re also out to amass fame and monetary benefits at the expense of damaging innocent people and their lives in the process because this situation could have ended up much worse than what it did, this is something that we cannot allow to continue any longer.

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