The Not So Secret Celebrity Obsession

In 2022 it seems as if more and more people are becoming overly infatuated with celebrities, everywhere from entertains, sports personalities and so called influencers, are now being held to such a high regard that certain onlookers will even put their own health and wellbeing secondary in order to be the 1st to like a picture, read an article, or write a comment.

But the question is are we keeping the same energy? Recently international star Rihanna announced the expectation of her first child with fellow musician ASAP Rocky ; and many fans shared in their excitement wishing the pair many a congratulations.

Rihanna & ASAP Rocky

But as always some people just have to take things to the extreme with many of Bajan's fans vocalising their disappointment saying things like "I wanted to get her pregnant" while others said "aww ASAP took my women" implying that they would have a chance if not for the NYC rapper. But the thing is are these same folks as concerned when family and friends announce similar news, or is the excitement only their for the rich and famous.

Even everyday issues such as relationship breakdowns leading to children being withheld from one parent, only seem to be taken seriously when it is a celeb claiming to be going through it i.e. Kim and Kanye. So some people will spend ridiculous amounts of time and energy to gather information on what may be going on in a superstars household that they may miss that a loved is going through their own personal hell, while you are busy scrolling through blog page comments.

Kim & Kanye

But at the end of they day if you knew better you'd better, as you do not know these people and they are not your friends, as most of you would be very disheartened if you ever did meet your idol.

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